We manufacture only the highest quality biopharmaceutical products – Antibodies, Cell & Gene Therapies, Proteins, and Vaccines – for our partners

  • Process Development

  • Quality Control Testing

  • CGMP Manufacturing of Bulk Drug Substances

  • Optimization, Scale-Up, and Production

  • Proprietary Platform Technologies

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Partnering and Licensing

We use the Vero Cell vaccine manufacturing cell line developed by and acquired from Baxalta/Baxter Vaccines. This platform has demonstrated value for the rapid development of inactivated whole virus vaccines. Licenses to this technology are available for specific indications and markets worldwide.

  • Vero Cells (DMF 10336, Master and Working Cell banks) – optimized for production of vaccines

  • Fully Characterizedwith a successful track record

  • Licensed – in the EU, US, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil

  • Suitable for production – all types of viral vaccines

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Project Management

We are a fully integrated company in which product development programs are matrix-managed collaborations, with a Principal Investigator (PI) and a Project Manager (PM) assigned to each goal along with the related internal staff, subcontractor PIs and personnel, and consultants.

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