Cell Line Development Company

Resilience offers mammalian cell line development capabilities and can work with most commercial recombinant mammalian cell lines to assist partners with final cell line selection, comparability assessments, and cell line characterization.

  • Generate Master and Working Cell Banks
  • Cell Line Selection
  • Cell Line Quality Assessment
  • Cell Line Characterization
  • Cell Line Stability
  • Alternate Storage Methods

Resilience’s proprietary Vero cell platform

  • Reliable, stable, and proven high-yield Working Cell Banks (WCBs)
  • WCB passage number as low as 133
  • Adapted to grow in serum-free media, and for growth on 60-250 micron microcarriers
  • Consistent density, viability and production during scale-up from 15L to 6000L bioreactors
  • Extensive regulatory documentation and expert support, DMF 10336
  • Accepted by regulatory authorities in more than 60 countries

Learn more about how our proprietary Veroplex® technology can help you. Download a brochure below. Just enter your name and email address below and we’ll email you a download link:

Veroplex® Brochure

Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell platform licensed from Horizon Discovery Group plc.

  • Glutamine Synthetase (GS) selection is currently accepted as the gold standard selection system
  • Demonstrated regulatory acceptance
  • Documented traceability
  • Rapid identification of high expressing clones using the GS system saves time in cell line development
  • Bulk selection using the GS method leads to improved stable pool titers due to a higher prevalence of high expressors in the population
  • In turn, this reduces the number of clones needed for screening of high producing final manufacturing clones, saving significant time in the cell line development process