Vaccine Contract Manufacturing Company

Partnering and Licensing

Ology Bioservices has several Vaccine Programs available for partnering and/or licensing.  These include Ross River (Phase III), Chikungunya, Pandemic and Seasonal Flu vaccines,  Yellow Fever (MVA), Typhoid, West Nile and Norovirus.  Please contact us for further information.

Ology Bio’s Vero Cell Platform – Veroplex™ (DMF 10336, Master and Working Cell Banks)

Vero Cells

Optimized for production of vaccines, fully characterized, and successful track record:

  • Vero cell vaccines are licensed in the EU as well as in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil

  • Adapted to serum-free media

  • Suitable for production of all types of viral vaccines:

    • inactivated whole virus
    • live-attenuated
    • split/subunit
Download the veroplex brochure

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Barrett et al, Expert Rev. Vaccines 16(9), 883-894 (2017).

See the references

Ology Bio’s Delivery Platform for Vaccines and Biological Therapeutics – GelSite® 
(DMF 18741)
Suitable for multiple modes and routes of administration:

    • Unique in-situ gelation function and cGMP manufacturing process

Three delivery platform technologies based on GelSite polymer have been developed:

    • GelVac powder for nasal delivery of vaccines and protein/peptide therapeutics
    • Injectable formulation for protein/peptide therapeutics
    • Depot adjuvant for immunoenhancing and antigen sparing
download the gelsite factsheet